A Twist On My Grandma’s Charoset

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Typically, Charoset is a mixture of nuts, spices, fruits and sometimes wine. During the Seder service, the Charoset is to symbolize the mortor used to layer the bricks and the hard labor done by the slaves, but it is also sweet for the sweetness of freedom. This dish is part of the Seder ritual depending if you are Sephardic or Ashkenazi. There are many ways of making this traditional dish. I have very fond memories of Passover at my grandmothers house. I have now added my twist to my grandmas recipe and I have made them into individual servings. These are great for Passover or anytime you want a healthy treat. Btw, they freeze really well.


12-15 large ripe medjool dates, pitted & chopped
1 cup of pure pomegranate juice
1/2 cup green raisins
1/2 cup raisins
1/2 cup toasted hazelnuts
1/2 cup toasted almonds
1 cup almond meal
1/4 teaspoon dried coriander
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon clove
1/4 teaspoon dried ginger


1-Soak the chopped dates and raisins in the pomegranate juice, and set aside for at least 20 minutes.
2-In a food processor, fitted with an “S” blade, add the hazelnuts and almond and process until you reach a powder consistency. Do not over process as it will become a paste.
3-To the nut mixture, add the remaining ingredients.
4-Pulse the mixture until it starts to form a ball. You need to be able to form a ball in your hand.
5-Using a 1” melon scooper, gently form a ball in your hand. Once you are done you can store them in the freezer. They are absolutely delicious when eaten out of the freezer. They never get really hard in the freezer. Enjoy!

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4 thoughts on “A Twist On My Grandma’s Charoset”

  1. Michèle Yarmus

    Hi Shayda, could you use matza meal instead of almond meal?
    Please consider doing more Persian dishes and talking about Persian seasoning. I bought some Sabzi
    Polo and Advieh Polo. I enjoyed listening to your memories of your grandmother’s cooking. Thanks, Michèle

    1. Yes you could use matza meal. As for the Persian recipes, I’ve done several webinars teaching how to make lots of Persian meals. They are paid webinars. You can find them on my website under resources.

  2. I just made this and the mix is very wet. I had to add more Almond Meal to roll them into balls. Thanks, they are delicious!

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