Delicious Roasted Beets

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Roasted beets are a year round staple in our house. They’re fantastic for tossing in salads. Homemade beets that you roast in your oven is absolutely delicious and simple to make. Roasted Beets are the perfect way to enjoy all of the earthy sweetness without losing texture and flavor. You will be pleasantly surprised and you will never buy roasted beets or eat canned beets again. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


5-6 raw beets, trimmed


1- Heat the oven at 425 degrees
2- Remove the leafy tops and, cut off the tops close to the tops of the beets, leaving enough to be able to grip the beets.
3- Scrub the beets thoroughly, and set aside.
4- On top of a cookie sheets, that’s already been lined with a aluminum foil, place a large sheet of aluminum foil on top.
5- On top of the aluminum foil, tear a large sheet of parchment paper.
6- Place the washed beets in the middle of the parchment paper, then add a few ice cubes on top of the beets.
7- Wrap the beets along with the ice cubes into a bundle.
8- Now wrap the aluminum foil around the parchment paper.
9- Place everything in the oven, and roast the beets for 90 minutes. Be careful when unwrapping the foil and parchment paper as the steam will be hot.
10- Grab a few paper towels, place a beet in the middle, start to remove the skin. The skin will remove much easier when the beets are hot. Make sure to wear gloves as the beets will stain your hands. Enjoy


Please watch the video I made on YouTube showing you exactly how I make these. My YouTube channel is Healthy Cooking with Shayda.

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